Will I ever need Breast Augmentation Revision?

About Breast Augmentation Revision

Angela Keen Breast augmentation revision surgery

Most women with breast implants will have at least one breast augmentation revision at some point in the future. Depending on the study, statistics show that as many as one in five women will have a second surgery within the first 10 years of their breast implant surgery. Though major problems are uncommon, breast augmentation revision surgery due to scar tissue formation, asymmetry, and size preference issues are common reasons for revision surgery. This statistic is significantly influenced by the “try to do it right the first time” principle. If you feel that your surgeon is making decisions for you, if you do not understand your surgical plan, or if you are ambivalent about your surgeon in any way, please take the time to get a second opinion. This could save you the time and expense of revision surgery in the future.

  • What is the most common reason for breast augmentation revision surgery? According to some studies, the number one reason for revision breast augmentation is that women request a size change. In my opinion, this particular problem is largely avoidable with proper planning. Some women are influenced by their surgeons to get implants which are larger than they may have wanted. Some patients describe a process where they were not involved in any way with the decision about implant size. Finally all patients need to understand that the best outcomes with the most natural results are achieved with an implant that does not overpower the size of the pre-existing breast. Implants which are technically too large have a much higher incidence of problems with poor positioning, rippling, and unnatural appearance. Just because you think it might be fun to be larger, your surgeon needs to provide careful guidance about size. If I think a patient is going to chose an implant that is too large, I am not afraid to issue a very strong warning about the possible problems and need for future surgery.
  • How can I make sure I chose the right implant size? During your consultation, we allow ample time for you to try on implants. We provide a tight bra and shirt so you may look at the effect the size has on your figure. I find that typically women have a certain size in mind and they know it when they see it. It is a personal choice, and I try not to get in the way unless I think they are choosing to take on a unwisely large implant. The other key is to try to anticipate the size change that will occur if a lift is also performed.
  • I feel like my implants are too far off to the side. Can anything be done? Yes.This problem can result from multiple different issues such as surgeon technique in creating too much laxity in the tissues on the lateral part of your chest. I most commonly see this problem with surgeons who use the armpit incision. The second issue relates to the size of the implant and possibly the shape of your rib cage. If your implants are too large, there will be a tendency for them to “slide” into positions where they were not meant to be – either down or out to the side. If the implant seems to be of the proper diameter, a breast augmentation revision surgery can be done which involves suturing scar tissue around the implant back to the tissues on the rib cage laterally, and releasing the scar tissues in the central part of the chest wall. A bra which supports the implants from the sides is then worn for several weeks after surgery.

What are my options if my breasts have never been even since my surgery? Women who have asymmetric rib cages will always have some asymmetry after surgery. Some of these women can feel that the implant surgery brought this asymmetry more to their attention. If the asymmetry is severe, different sized implants of similar diameter can be used. If the difference is more subtle a slightly different sized implant can be used with the caveat that it will always look somewhat different.

Questions about Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?

Feel free to schedule a consultation if you have any questions about breast augmentation revision surgery.

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