What to expect after breast augmentation

After Breast Augmentation

Many women are nervous about some of the issues they may experience after breast augmentation and should follow the doctor’s instructions, as well as take any medications prescribed for the duration of the recovery process. Here are a few things you can expect after you’ve had your surgery completed.

Women who have breast enhancement surgery should make sure they give themselves enough time for recovery before returning to their regular routine. Expect to be off work for at least one week after breast augmentation and avoid intense activity for at least three to four weeks or as per your doctor’s orders. When you’re feeling up to it, it is recommended that you get up and walk around to help reduce the swelling in the area of the surgery.

One thing most women experience after breast augmentation is soreness and swelling of the breasts. These symptoms can remain with the patient three to four months after the enhancement procedure is completed. To help reduce the swelling, doctors may recommend that you increase your water intake while cutting back on salt. Light exercise is also another way to help alleviate the swelling.

After breast augmentation you may also have a hard time sleeping due to the soreness of your breasts and find yourself shifting several times during the evening. You will need to remain sleeping on your back with your head elevated for up to 10 days. This helps alleviate some of the pain and swelling associated with this procedure.

Many women experience over sensitivity with their nipples after breast augmentation. This is a normal symptom and usually only lasts for a couple of weeks after the surgery is completed. Avoid touching the area and wear comfortable clothing to ease any discomfort you may be experiencing. In contrast to this particular symptom, some women have complained of a complete lack of sensitivity in this area. While this is usually a temporary sensation, there is a risk that this lack of sensitivity can be a permanent condition so be sure to discuss the risks with your surgeon before the date of your enhancement.

Women should also avoid sexual intercourse for at least two weeks after breast augmentation surgery. Remember that this is a form of exercise and you should follow the doctor’s recommendations about how long you should avoid intense physical activity. If you’re currently using birth control pill, be sure to ask the doctor how any prescribed antibiotics will change the effectiveness of your oral contraceptive.

It does take some time for your implants to drop or settle into place after breast augmentation surgery so don’t be surprised if it does take a few weeks for them to move. The size of the implants, the type of implant that was used and several other factors all attribute to the length of time it will take them to settle and your doctor should be able to give you a time frame for when this will occur. The implants may not drop at the same time so don’t be alarmed if one settles before the other.

As with any surgery, your doctor will be your best source for information and what to expect with this type of enhancement.

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