Sleeping Position after Breast Augmentation

You’ve spent the money for breast augmentation, either for elective cosmetic or for necessary medical purposes, and now, you want to maintain the desired results after breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with written and oral post-surgical care instructions to help to minimize both the risks and potential side effects. Following these instructions is vital to optimal breast augmentation healing. Breast position matters when it comes to healing after breast augmentation. Patients will need to wear a special surgical bra at all times during the first few days, although this can be changed to a softer sports bra for the remainder of your healing time. A bra should be worn at all times – including during sleeping hours – in order to maintain appropriate positioning of the breast for the first six weeks.


The bra alone, however, is not enough to ensure that your breasts are carefully and optimally handled after breast augmentation. Your sleeping position will make a huge difference in the healing process as well. Plastic surgeons recommend sleeping on your back after breast augmentation. Combined with the way in which the augmentation procedure is performed to minimize lateralization, as well as wearing your bra, and possibly a wearing a special band to help hold the breasts in place, sleeping on your back will keep you comfortable and promote better healing.


After breast augmentation, you will be a sore, especially around the incision area, and you might experience bruising and swelling. You want to minimize this and to remain as comfortable as possible, so sleeping in any position, other than on your back, is not advisable. Other positions can cause implants to move around, can expose you to excess gravity, and can even cause more swelling. Lying on your back, your breasts are held in position with the bran and band without being pulled, squished, or pinched. This can minimize swelling, bruising, and extra tenderness.


For those with implants, sleeping position after breast augmentation is vital in ensuring that the implants are not encouraged to migrate before the pockets have had time to mature and set. Sleeping on your side, even while wearing a bra, can encourage this to happen. However, sleeping on your back, wearing a bra, and possibly the special band, keeps the implants from migrating downward while allowing the pockets time to mature.


Within about four to six weeks after breast augmentation, patients can typically return to doing whatever is most comfortable for them, including what they wear and how they sleep. Your sleeping position is simply important in giving your body optimal time to adjust and heal from the breast augmentation surgery. Be sure to listen closely to your plastic surgeon and to follow any and all written breast augmentation after care instructions provided to you. Allowing your body optimal time to heal by following these directions closely will save you on discomfort and complications, as well as time and money in treating and repairing any complications caused by improper after breast surgery care.

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