Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery? Plan to relax!!

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery

  • Take time off! The main thing to do when preparing for breast augmentation surgery is plan to relax afterwards. Most of my patients are so busy, that taking time off is not something they are very good at. Getting proper rest after surgery really helps your recovery. You should plan to take one week off.
  • Fill your prescriptions ahead of time. For at least the first three days after surgery, you will be sore enough to require pain pills. If you are taking pain pills, you cannot drive, and you really shouldn’t make any important decisions or take on any responsibility. You will need someone to drop you off and pick you up from the surgery center and stay with you for the fist 24 hours after your surgery. I request all my patients to be off aspirin and ibuprofen for 5 days before and after surgery. Ice packs and Valium are other non-narcotic ways to relieve pain. I am also a huge believer in the therapeutic value of massage. Pain causes tension in other muscles which then only worsens general discomfort. If your partner or spouse has magic hands – give them a job!! Pick up some reusable blue ice packs at the drug store is a great idea. Frozen peas work too, though one of my patients informed me that I should tell all my patients to avoid this unless they like the smell of warm peas in their bra!! – I think it’s best to stick with the ice packs!!
  • Get a supportive bra. I custom order bras for all my patients. You may also chose to have additional comfortable sports bras on hand for the first couple weeks after surgery. Ideally, your post surgery bra should have a firm but not too-tight fit on your rib cage. Soft under-wire bras are acceptable in my practice and even desirable in my practice for patients with a slanted rib cage who are at increased risk of lateral migration of their breast implants.
  • Get a check up. This is not necessary for all patients, but if you are over 50 years old, or if you have medical problems of any sort, you should have a general medical check up. You should also be sure that you are perfectly healthy from an infection standpoint prior to surgery. You need your immune system to help your healing process. You do not want to dilute the strength of your immune system if you are fighting an infection at the same time. There is also some theory that increased scarring around breast implants can be due to systemic bacterial infections. Just plant to be healthy!
  • Stop smoking. I hope this goes without saying. Smoking increases the risk of almost any bad thing there is in medicine. If you smoke, your risk of infection, deforming scar tissue, infection, and blood clots goes way up. If you care about yourself enough to invest in breast augmentation surgery, then plan to make smoking cessation part of the progression to a happier healthier you!

Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery and have Questions?

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions about preparing for breast augmentation surgery.

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