Preparing for a Breast Augmentation Consultation

How should I Prepare for my Breast Augmentation Consultation?

  • Make a wish list – I think any patient should do as much preparation before a breast augmentation consultation as possible. The first thing to do is Angela Keen office breast augmentation consultationprioritize your goals for surgery. What is it you would really like the surgeon to be able to do for you? Most patients have been thinking about their surgery for years before they make an appointment with their doctor. It will really help you and me make the most of your time in the office if you have a focus. Some patients will want to discuss additional procedures during their breast augmentation Consultation, which is appropriate as long as you can make sure to you know your own priorities in case it is not feasible to discuss everything in one consultation or schedule everything as one surgical procedure.
  • Inform yourself – There are many ways to inform yourself about an operation. You can talk to friends. You might be surprised how many people you know have actually had surgery. Most people really want to be helpful and share their experiences. Recommendations from other patients is the leading way patients find out about my practice. Keep in mind, you will need to remember that everyone’s experience is unique, and that some things people tell you deserve a little fact checking! I love to refer patients to the website by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( If you are shopping for surgeons, you should definitely ensure that you chose amongst surgeons who are members of this society. It is the most elite society for plastic surgeons who specialize in aesthetic plastic surgery. The website is both comprehensive and credible. Unlike a lot of internet based information, you can guarantee that all the information on this site is up to date, accurate, and tries to be commercial interest free.
  • Make a question list – Come prepared for your breast augmentation consultation with any questions you think would influence your decision to have surgery. If you are like me, be sure to write these things down! Any surgical procedure has risks and benefits. As you research the technical aspects of your surgery, you may want to specifically review some of these risks you do not understand or those you would simply like to review with your surgeon during your consultation.
  • Check your finances – For many people, surgery will be one of the most expensive rewards you have ever given yourself. Questions about the cost of surgery and methods of financing are discussed with every patient during their breast augmentation consultation. Surgery should only be considered if you are prepared and comfortable with the financial aspects as well. We encourage you to get this process started ahead of your breast augmentation consultation day and are more than willing to help. Call us and we will get you started! (801)-278-9062.
  • Bring a tight T-shirt! – I like to describe breast implants as the best bra you can buy! Breast implants enhance your figure, just as a bra does. Because we spend most of our time wearing clothes, I think it’s a great idea to look at yourself fully clothed as you try on implants. I ask my patients to bring a tight T-shirt or sweater in addition to whatever they are wearing that day. During your consultation, you will spend time looking in the mirror to see how the different implant sizes compliment your figure. A tight T-shirt makes this a bit easier to assess.

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