Nipple Enhancement Surgery

What is nipple enhancement surgery?


While clothing generally conceals a person’s nipples they still can be a part of the body that can make individuals very self-conscious. Both men and women are exploring nipple enhancement surgery in order to correct the shape, size or look of their nipples to give them a boost in their appearance and self-confidence.


Women generally turn to nipple enhancement surgery to correct large nipples due to breast-feeding or genetics. They are unhappy with the size of the areola and seek out a plastic surgeon in order to reduce the size of the nipple itself. The surgeon will reduce the size of the nipple using incisions and dissolvable sutures to leave the patient with the desired size and look.


Inverted, retracted and flat nipples can also be augmented through nipple enhancement surgery. The cosmetic surgeon can insert a small cartilage stent during surgery or release scar tissue to correct the profile of the nipple.


Unlike other breast enhancement procedures, nipple enhancement surgery leaves little to no noticeable scarring. The surgeon will make small, precise incisions during the procedure as well as utilizing sutures that dissolve over time instead of stitching or staples. The scars are minimal and generally blend into the colour of the areola making them virtually undetectable unless they are examined quite closely.


Women will often choose to have nipple enhancement surgery completed with other breast enhancement procedures such as implants, reductions, asymmetric breast surgery and breast lifts. With some procedures the surgeon will already be making similar cuts and will give the patient the option of reducing the size of their nipples or correcting the profile as part of the surgery. This will improve the aesthetic appeal of the breasts at the same time and will not dramatically increase the cost of the procedure or the length of time to complete it.


Men are also turning to nipple enhancement surgery to correct their nipples and improve their appearance. Genetics can leave males with flat, misshapen or inverted nipples and some males have this procedure done as they would like to reduce their nipple size after losing weight. The procedure is virtually identical to the surgery performed on females and cosmetic surgeons operating in your area will offer their services to both.


Nipple enhancement surgery is a very quick surgery in most cases with the length of time to have the procedure completed being less than a half hour. If you’re exploring this corrective surgery you will want to do some research to see what clinics and surgeons are operating in the area. Most offer a free consultation where you can have the surgeon and their staff examine your breasts and nipples to come up with a plan to give you the desired look. The will outline the costs involved as well as what you will need to do before and after the surgery during the recovery period. They can also inform you about some of the risks associated with this surgery including the loss of nipple sensation, increased sensitivity and inability to breast feed after the procedure is completed.

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