Gynecomastia Treatment via Medications or Plastic Surgery

Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia, or the development of large male breasts, can be a passing stage, especially pubertal gynecomastia, or gynecomastia in men that is due to general excess weight. Generally, no gynecomastia treatment is needed, as in the majority of patients, it resolves on its own, in the course of several weeks to about three years, for example after they lose the excess weight accumulated, or after the puberty period has passed, although boys and men with breasts that are greater than 4 centimeters in diameter may not have them regress completely.

Gynecomastia is often due to other disorders and conditions, and pinpointing and resolving those disorders and conditions often resolves the problem of gynecomastia as well. There can be idiopathic, or spontaneous, as well as residual gynecomastia following the treatment of the primary cause, and then medical treatment or treatment by means of plastic surgery may become necessary. For efficient gynecomastia treatment, it should be pointed out that medical therapy should be used in a timely manner, in the early stages of the condition or disorder’s course in order to achieve effective and lasting results; the longer the condition or disorder’s duration, the more unlikely any medical therapy is to be effective.

When medical therapy has failed as gynecomastia treatment, patients and their physicians can consider reduction mammaplasty. The elimination of excess tissue and breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery that alleviates the discomfort felt by men and boys who have developed lasting and especially large gynecomastia.

For patients who have pseudogynecomastia, liposuction can be the resolution, as a less invasive technique. Typically, plastic surgery can be avoided in favor of mastectomy, without skin excisions, and statistics indicate that satisfactory chest contour is obtained and there are generally no recurrences in a follow-up period of three years.

There are some simple measures as part of gynecomastia treatment for men who wish to avoid surgery. They can help to reduce men’s breasts in an efficient manner, but these measures should be discussed with the physician prior to carrying them out. Natural health supplements that enable the body to boost its production of male hormones can be of use. Chest muscle exercise will help to eliminate sagging in the breast area, and the upper chest should be specially targeted. Weight loss is also of use, because the less the body fat, the smaller the fat in the breast area too. Weightlifting is crucial for fat loss and for breast reduction alike, as it induces the body into producing more testosterone, and in turn the formation of estrogen is suppressed. Finally, men with gynecomastia should be aware that if they use alcohol and marijuana, they will pose a hazard not only to their health in general, but will also enhance the production of estrogens in the body.

In all cases, gynecomastia treatment should be decided by physicians on the basis of each specific patient’s conditions, and doctors can also provide additional recommendations on the administering of herbal supplements and adequate diet etc.

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