Gynecomastia Surgery Utah

Women are not the only ones who benefit from breast surgery. Men often suffer from breast issues affecting their self-image and appearance. This condition is gynecomastia. Contrary to popular myth, this condition is not an overgrowth of fat, but an overgrowth of breast tissue in men. Gynecomastia has many causes, including hormone levels, aging, cancer, chronic liver disease, marijuana use, medication side effects, other chronic diseases and treatments, genetic defects, overactive thyroid, and tumors. We all know men prefer to have a muscular chest or a chest much flatter than a woman’s. Men do not have to worry. If male breasts are causing concern, gynecomastia surgery Utah is the solution to your problem.


Gynecomastia surgery Utah is male breast reduction surgery. The procedure takes a couple of hours and the results are permanent, with excellent aesthetic results. Liposuction is combined with glandular excision to gain the desired results. The incision is minute with limited scarring. The procedure is an outpatient procedure, allowing the patient to return home on the day of the gynecomastia surgery Utah. Normal activities can be resumed within two to three days, with the exception of exercising, which must wait four to six weeks. Patients must also wear a compression garment at all times during the first six weeks of recovery to encourage optimal healing.


Gynecomastia most often occurs in both male breasts and can sometimes result in tenderness. It is important to discuss concerns with a doctor in order to rule out causes of gynecomastia and to decide if gynecomastia surgery Utah is the appropriate solution. If recreational drugs, such as marijuana, are the cause, sometimes ceasing use of the drug will reduce or eliminate the problem. Doctors must also rule out tumors and rare male breast cancer to ensure that proper treatment is given.


Men do not have to let gynecomastia ruin their lives. Many men with this condition are insecure and afraid to go without their shirts or to participate in many normal active activities out of fear of how they look. The fifth most practiced type of plastic surgery on men within the United States, gynecomastia surgery Utah is an excellent option for male patients facing breast overgrowth issues. Concerned men should consult a qualified male breast reduction surgeon in their area for a consultation to discuss their concerns and options. Plastic surgeons will outline the basics of the procedure, preparation tips, risks, side effects and benefits. They will assess the patient’s needs and help them to consider options before proceeding to schedule an appointment for gynecomastia surgery Utah and discussing costs and payment options. Unless deemed medically necessary, cosmetic procedures like male breast reduction are rarely covered by insurance companies. Patients will need to carefully consider the pros and cons of their decision, including the financial impact. Some portion of the fees will often be due up front with affordable payments available for the remaining balance. However, gynecomastia surgery Utah may be worth the cost if it can give a man a good body image.

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