Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The two most commonly used breast augmentation products are silicon and saline implants. In the past there have been a number of health concerns revolving around silicon implants and there was even a period of time where their use was banned in the United States. Despite approvals in 2006 to recommence use of this product, many patients are looking for different alternatives. Medical professionals have developed a method of fat transfer that allows medical teams to use the patient’s natural body fat to enhance and increase their breast size.

The Fat transfer breast augmentation procedure uses liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body to be used instead of silicon or saline implants for the breast augmentation procedure. Once the fat is harvested, the material is processed so only healthy cells are used in the procedure.

The doctor will inject the purified fat cells into the breasts as specific points to help achieve the desired results. While the initial results may be a bit larger then anticipated, some of the fat cells will die off during the recovery process but women can still see an improvement in breast size and fullness with increases of one or two cup sizes. During the recovery period from the fat transfer process, the compression bra will need to be worn to help the tissue accept the injected fat.

In order to be able to have this particular breast augmentation completed, the goal of the patient will need to be a subtle enhancement rather then a drastic change to their breast size. They will also need to have adequate pockets of fat to harvest, preferably in the buttocks or abdomen area. Other requirements for this particular procedure is that the candidate has an adequate body size and is not looking to lose weight after the enhancement surgery as well as adequate skin elasticity without sagging.

While this particular breast augmentation procedure is not as popular as silicon or saline implants, many people are choosing fat transfer, as it does not introduce something foreign to the body. To increase your cup size, the medical team is using tissue your body produces naturally. This eliminates the risks of implant ruptures, which are a possibility if you choose silicon or saline implants.

The other major benefit of the transfer style of enhancement is the fact that it can be completed without incisions or scarring of the breasts. The injection process is less intrusive and allows for subtle changes without major surgery.

Finally, the fat transfer style of breast augmentation allows the patient to enhance their own natural curves by removing fat from unwanted areas and increasing their cup size. If you’re unhappy with your current breast size as well as a few pockets of fat, contact a clinic in your area to see if you’re a candidate for this breast enhancement procedure.

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