Fat Injection Breast Augmentation

Fat Injection Breast Augmentation

Considering Fat Injection Breast Augmentation

Fat Injection Breast Augmentation is one of the most exciting new tools for the cutting edge plastic surgeon. The concept of transplanting one’s fat from one area to the other has been around for centuries, but how to best use fat safely and effectively has been under tremendous focus in the last decade.

  • How does Fat Injection Breast Augmentation work? Fat injection is a process which takes fatty tissue from one area of the body to another area. Fat injections have been used in almost all parts of the body to help create both a healthier shape as well as healthier appearing skin. The fat is introduced into tissues with a small blunt needle and laid down in strips about the size of a strand of spaghetti. If there is adequate circulation around the fat cells and if the fat cells are healthy, they will survive in their new location, just like a successful transplant. Some of the most interesting observations about fat, is that it appears to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, which may be due to stem cells in the fatty tissue. This is an area of active research.
  • How is the fat collected? Fatty tissue can be harvested from almost any part of the external body. If you can pinch more than an inch, that is where fat collection would start. In my practice, favored areas are the abdomen, posterior hips, and knees. There are multiple methods to collect fat and research is looking at which are the most effective as well as efficient. Basically all methods use a liposuction technique to harvest the fat. The fatty tissue is kept sterile then purified and placed into small syringes for the transplantation process. It is a very time-consuming process.
  • Is Fat Injection Breast Augmentation safe? We think so. Early concerns about breast safety and health, particularly in this country, gave our European colleagues a bit of a head start in the experience of using fat injection breast augmentation. There is no early evidence for safety concerns when this procedure is performed by a trained expert in fat injection. Please check you physician’s credentials and training carefully before you engage in this surgery. Fat injection breast augmentation is slowly being accepted as safe and standard of care, but studies are still in progress about it’s long-term influence on breast health.
  • Am I a candidate for fat injection breast augmentation? In my opinion, the ideal patient for breast fat injection is someone who is too thin to achieve a natural result with breast implants alone. Fat can be used to augment the tissues around the breast to help achieve a more natural looking smooth transition from chest wall to implant. This makes this procedure ideal for breast cancer reconstruction patients and some of our thin breast implant patients – presuming we can access enough fat elsewhere on their body!
  • Is fat injection better than breast implants? Fat injections offer a very different service than the breast implant. I like to compare breast implants to bras. They provide support and shape. Fat injections provide natural tissue which seems to behave like natural tissue in terms of sagging etc. Fat injections are very time consuming and for this reason are significantly more expensive than breast implants if your goal is simply larger fuller breasts.
  • Is fat injection used in other parts of the body? Absolutely. Fat injections are excellent for aging faces and hands!! Again this is a powerful tool, which should only be performed by someone experienced and educated in the use of fat.

Questions regarding Fat Injection Breast Augmentation?

Please schedule a consultation by contacting my office if you have any questions regarding Fat Injection Breast Augmentation.

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