Exercise after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Exercise after Breast Augmentation SurgeryHow soon will I be able to return to exercise after breast augmentation surgery?

  • Take a week off. Most of my patients are exercise enthusiasts. Some of my patients are even professional athletes. Your breast implants don’t seem to hurt your ability to exercise, but make sure your exercise doesn’t hurt your implants. Whether you tend to be more of a couch potato type or an avid athlete, you will need to rest for a week after surgery. This is a minimal requirement. I like all my patients to walk frequently to minimize the risks of blood clot formation, but lay off the high impact activity until you are pain-free and your swelling is down.
  • Wear a supportive bra. When you exercise it is important to wear a bra that will help stabilize the location of your implants. Usually this means a good sports bra. If you have a sloping chest with widely spaced breasts, I may recommend you use a soft cupped bra to encourage your implants to stay in a centrally located position.
  • Keep your scar protected from UV radiation. My goal for all my surgery patients is that they feel good enough about themselves to be out and about on a topless beach! The reality is that many of my patients use tanning beds which are possibly more risky than beaches in southern France for sun damage. Whatever your preference, please shield your scar from the sun! We carry scar reducing silicone gel in our office which comes both with and without sunscreen.
  • No water sports for two weeks.  After surgery, your scar is still soft and at risk of permeation by bacteria found in all water, with the exception of fresh shower water. I allow all my surgery patients to shower as soon as they like. On the other hand, I request that you avoid hot tubs, bath tubs, and bodies of water for at least two weeks after surgery to limit the risk of infection. Unlike shower water, this type of water is always full of bacteria. Furthermore, soaking in water for longer periods of time makes skin softer and more vulnerable to infection. Once you have reached the 30 day mark after surgery, you should be fully water proof and good to go!
  • Listen to your body. I tell my patients that they may return to exercise after breast augmentation surgery as soon as they like, with one exception. You must listen to our body and back off of any activity which re-creates soreness in their chest area. Too much exercise after Breast Augmentation Surgery early on, can increase the inflammation and swelling which can sometimes lead to increased scar formation. Certain activities may be difficult for the first 3 days after surgery, but some activity is important to prevent stiffness in the shoulder area. At your first post operative visit, I will show you some shoulder stretching and breast massaging exercises. It is important to prevent stiffness both in your shoulder area and your new breasts! Pain is a good indicator of safety for most exercising and massage. If it feels good, it’s probably OK.

Questions regarding Exercise after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Feel free to schedule a consultation if you have any questions regarding exercise after breast augmentation surgery.

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