Does a breast lift leave scars?

Does a breast lift leave scars?

One of the most commonly asked questions a cosmetic surgeon will be asked during consultations for a mastopexy procedure is does a breast lift leave scars? While females may be unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts, they are also quite conscious about permanent scarring in this area should they decide to have this particular breast enhancement completed. The answer you will receive from all surgeons you consult with is that the surgery does indeed leave scars.

In order to perform the breast enhancement surgery, the surgeon will need to make small incisions as part of the process. One of the most commonly used incisions during mastopexy surgery is actually shaped like an anchor. A circle incision is cut around the areola followed by a vertical line down towards the crease of the patient’s breast. Finally the surgeon will cut a curve under the crease of the breast completing the anchor shape. Once this incision is completed, the surgeon will complete the surgery by reshaping the skin envelope that supports the breasts, lifting them and giving a more youthful appearance. Sutures are used once the breasts appearance has been altered.

Does a breast lift leave scars that are permanent? As with all cosmetic surgery, permanent scarring will take place. During the initial stages of the healing process the areas where the surgeon made the incisions during the procedure will look red and swollen. Over time the colour will fade and the swelling will be reduced but there will still be visible scars. If you’ve had injuries or scarring on other parts of your body you can examine those as it will be a fairly good indication of how your body will eventually heal.

Does a breast lift leave scars that cannot be eliminated using topical lotions or other types medical products? Unfortunately there is simply no way to avoid scarring during a breast enhancement surgery. In the past doctors have recommended the use of a topical Vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of scars during the healing process but recent studies have shown that this is ineffective in eliminating or reducing scars. In fact, there were some instances where a Vitamin E lotion actually made the scarring more noticeable in some women. Surgeons now use a variety of surgical paper tapes and silicon sheeting on incisions to help flatten and fade the scarring that occurs during the healing process.

Does a breast lift leave scars may be one of the most frequently asked questions of cosmetic surgeons but despite the fact that scarring is a certainty, many women elect to continue with this type breast enhancement surgery. Once they realize that the improvement in appearance is the end result of the procedure, the scarring quickly becomes acceptable. Additionally, clothing will cover the scarring itself, whether it is a blouse and bra at the workplace or a swimsuit while spending time at the beach. Consult with a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon to find out how a breast lift procedure can leave you with a more youthful appearance.

Questions about Breast Lift Scars?

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