Do I Need a Breast Lift?

Breast augmentation can usually improve the overall appearance of a woman’s breasts; however, sometimes, breast implants alone will do the trick, and at other times, a breast lift is necessary to achieve the desired results. The need for breast lifts is determined by the degree of ptosis, or sagging. Sometimes a small lift is all that is needed, and then, there are women who need a full breast lift. Breast augmentation is about maintaining or regaining the youthful breast. Younger women tend to have perkier breasts because they have not yet gone through the natural processes that cause breasts to sag. Pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuations, and age all contribute to ptosis. Often, losing weight or ceasing breast feeding will not cause the breast to return to its former shape. Therefore, the skin will sag.


Your breast augmentation doctor will measure your breasts to determine what degree of ptosis your have and if breast lifts will benefit you. Women with Grade 1 ptosis usually only need an implant; however, choosing a small implant and the existence of thin, stretched breast tissue can create the need for a lift in this case. A woman with Grade 2 ptosis would require breast lifts for optimal implant results. Otherwise, the breast might still sag, and the implant would hang lower on the chest than desired. Women with Grade 3 ptosis require mastopexy, or a full breast lift. Some women suffer from psuedoptosis, which is where the areola and nipple seem to be in the right place, but there is still excess skin and tissue hanging too low on the chest. In these cases, women can benefit from a skin tightening procedure.


There are three types of breast lifts, and your plastic surgeon will recommend the appropriate lift for you based on your level of ptosis. The peri-areolar lift is the simplest of the three procedures. This lift involves removing a section of skin from around the areola and drawing the breast together with a drawstring type stitch. The edges are then stitched, and though this may cause puckering or pleating, this will soften over time. The second breast lifts type is the vertical lift. This is best for saggier breasts and will not result in a scar within the fold of the breast. The anchor lift or full lift can be performed with or without a breast implant. This breast lifts type will remove excess skin, provide substantial lift, and will help to hide any resulting scars.


Only a qualified plastic surgeon can truly determine a patient’s degree of ptosis and if they will benefit from breast lifts. If implants alone will do the trick, that is the best route to take; however, if the patient’s desired results cannot be achieved with breast implants alone, the plastic surgeon is sure to recommend one of three breast lift procedures, helping patients to achieve the best possible results along with their implants, or in the case of a full breast lift, with or without implants.

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