Do I Also Need a Breast Lift?

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Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy (breast lift surgery) can give you beautiful results. The scars which are involved are small and inconspicuous when performed by an expert surgeon. I am always so sad to see beautiful women who have gotten breast implants which look low and sloppy only because they did not get the lift they needed!

  • How do I know if I need a breast lift? This is a great question. There isn’t a really simple way to answer this question without a consultation. You can measure the distance from the top of your breast bone to your nipple. If this distance is greater than 23 centimeters, you probably need a lift. If you don’t like the shape of your breast, but don’t really want to go down a cup size or two, you probably need a lift with your implant surgery.
  • What if I want a lifted appearance without increasing the size of my breasts? Depending on the size of your breast, you can have a low profile implant placed. Below your nipple, the implant will make up for the skin and small amount of tissue removed with your lift, above your nipple, you will get that fuller, younger appearance to your chest, which does not actually significantly change your cup size.
  • I was told I needed a larger implant, so I would not need a breast lift? This is the worst advice I see patients getting. Most people would prefer not to have a lift, but don’t let your surgeon talk you into an implant which is too big with the false hope that this will prevent you from needing a lift. If anything, the larger implant becomes an additional gravitational stress. In my opinion, low breasts hide a woman’s waistline and do more damage to a person’s overall appearance than the size of their breasts.
  • I’d like a breast lift, but I don’t want a scar? There is no current reliable technique to significantly lift your nipple, without removing excess skin. However, this is what everyone wants. There have been some experimental procedures to do scar-less nipple lifts, but no major progress as yet. Scars are a necessary trade off, and surgeon skill will affect the quality of your scars significantly. The newer techniques of vertical scar only breast lift surgery have come a long way in terms of reducing not only the amount of scar tissue, but also the quality of the appearance of the breast.
  • What about laser breast lifts or breast lifts done without scars? Laser surgery has been a very effective marketing tool for many surgeons. The word laser leads patients to believe that you offer better more high tech surgery, but this simply is not the case. Lasers have not created a treatment advantage relative to conventional and less expensive techniques. If your surgeon tells you they can perform scar-free or pain free surgery, you might question whether they are approaching you as a business man or a physician. Minimizing scar is always optimal, but unless enough of the proper tissues are removed, breasts can lose their natural shape, or take on a large flat appearance to the areola as is the case with the donut or crescent lift techniques.
  • Should a breast lift be done separate from my augmentation surgery? Plastic surgeons have debated this topic for many years. The advantage of performing lift and augmentation surgeries separately is to optimize the healing of the breast implant. Bleeding from manipulation of the breast during a lift procedure can increase the risk of capsular contracture. Contact with ductal breast tissue can also theoretically increase the risk for infection of the implant.
  • Does a breast lift increase the risks associated with surgery? Yes and no. A breast lift adds additional time to your surgery and increases the risks of problems related to scarring, and bleeding. Please remember though, that elective plastic surgery is extremely safe. There are fewer risks of having this operation, than many of the activities we engage in on a daily basis, such as driving a car. I recommend to my patients, that if both a lift and an implant are determined in your consultation to be important to achieving the result you are looking for, then these are best performed simultaneously. The decrease in cost and time involved balances well against the small increased risk capsular contracture or infection.

Any Breast Lift Surgery Questions?

If you have any questions regarding breast lift surgery or like to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

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