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Common Complications after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Angela Keen Breast Augmentation

What are the common complications after breast augmentation surgery? In general, breast augmentation is an extremely safe procedure. Complications after breast augmentation surgery basically fall into the category of general …
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Will Breast Augmentation Surgery affect breast cancer screening and mammograms?


Breast augmentation surgery and screenings This is a very important consideration for all patients. As someone trained in general surgery, my first concern as a breast surgeon was whether or …
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Breast Feeding after Breast Augmentation Surgery?


Breast feeding after Breast Augmentation Surgery? Will I be able to breast feed after a breast augmentation? Most likely, yes. Breast feeding after breast augmentation surgery is possible. But, this …
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Exercise after Breast Augmentation Surgery


How soon will I be able to return to exercise after breast augmentation surgery? Take a week off. Most of my patients are exercise enthusiasts. Some of my patients are …
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