Breast Lift Utah

Breast lift Utah

The Breast Lift

Breast lift (mastopexy) is one of the most important breast surgeries. For patients who clearly need a lift, the trade off of scar tissue for enhanced breast position and shape is well worth it.

  • Am I a candidate for breast lift surgery? This question is best answered during a consultation. A rule of thumb, is if your nipple position is at or lower than 23 centimeters from the top of your breast bone, you will need a lift.
  • How is breast lift surgery performed? I perform breast lifts the same way I perform breast reduction surgery with the vertical scar, or “lollipop” scar approach. This approach avoids the large and visible scar under the breast tissue across the rib cage and also is more effective in narrowing and elevating (shaping) the breast. The size of your areola can be adjusted during breast lift surgery. I typically chose to reduce the size of the areola as this is consistent with an overall more youthful appearance for the breast.
  • breast lift before and afterbreast lift beforeCan breast lifts be done without scars? No. If your surgeon tells you otherwise, please get a second opinion. In my opinion, even the peri-areolar breast lift scars do very little to actually lift the breast and create risks of flattening and widening the areola, which is not something any patient desires. There does not seem to be a good short cut to good results when it comes to most things, including breast lift surgery. There is a lot of technique involved in determining how much skin to remove or not remove in any type of surgical lift. The less skin removed, the more likely you will have a good scar. On the other hand, if too little skin is removed, you may still have sagging or loose tissue that you want removed. Revisions are a necessary part of any surgery if you are aiming for the most perfect result, because where more tissue can be removed, it cannot easily be added.
  • Should I have my breast lift done before after or during my implant surgery? It depends. Some patients who are on the borderline of needing a breast lift are quite happy with their augmentation result without the lift. These are typically patients who only need a very small lift. In these cases, I am perfectly happy to offer you the option of having a lift as a minor procedure under local anesthesia in my office after your surgery. If you clearly need a breast lift, it is best, in my opinion to do this surgery at the same time of your augmentation. If you are unsure about whether you would rather have a lift alone or a lift in addition to breast implants, it is perfectly acceptable to have your lift surgery first. This option has the advantage of allowing you to more accurately gauge the size of implant you might be most interested in. This option also reduces the risk of bleeding and scar formation around your implant. I do find however that small adjustments in your lift may be necessary after your augmentation to create the perfect fit.

Breast Lift Questions?

If you have any questions regarding breast lifts or would like to schedule a consultation, the please feel free to contact my office.

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