Breast Implants Post Op Period – Being Informed Yields Efficient Recovery

Breast Implants Post Op Period

The post OP stage following breast augmentation surgery with implant insertion is an important period of recovery. Being informed about the rules to be observed for the breast implants post op period can help ladies to make an efficient recovery without complications. Ladies who are considering such type of breast augmentation as well as their relatives should learn what to do in the post op period and how to do it to avoid running risks and help recovery.

First of all, ladies who have had their new breast implants should be aware of the significance of massage as an important part of the breast implants post op stage. Such exercises help to reduce the risk of developing scar tissue around implants. They consist in pushing implants to the outermost ends of their pockets; such exercises should be done several times in a row. There are recommendations as well as tutorials available from surgeons who can advise on the best complex of exercises.

Another crucial part of the breast implants post op period is the performance of mammograms, or breast X-rays to examine breast condition. In fact, the recommendations for mammogram frequency are the same as those for ladies who have not had breast implants inserted: women aged up to 40 should undergo breast examinations once every three years, and those aged over 40 should have their breasts examined once every year. Self examining breasts is also recommended, to check for possible symptoms that may necessitate consulting a physician.

Dental work can become a cause for problems in the post op period. Premedication with antibiotics is recommended, as in the course of dental work plaque and bacteria can penetrate into the blood stream and cause infection, whereupon any foreign bodies such as breast implants can be targeted. Consultations with the breast surgeon and the dentist can help to assess each situation and choose the appropriate premedication.

It is evident that being bra type savvy is an important prerequisite for successful recovery in the breast implants post op period. The significance of an adequately supportive bra is among the main principles to be observed for efficient results, as it helps to avoid breasts sagging.

Ladies who have silicone filled implants are also advised to undergo magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, for the first time three years following implants insertion and afterwards once every two years. The reason is that silicone implants may leak without causing any alarming symptoms when they rupture.

Depending on the placement of the incision, ladies may worry about scars and be eager to minimize scarring as part of the breast implants post op period. Surgeons recommend adequate treatment which efficiently minimize scarring. Ladies should be patient and wait for the scarring to diminish in the course of time. Also, staying in the sun is contraindicated, as it can make the scar stand out more prominently. Laser treatment of large and prominent scars as well as other methods such as cryosurgery or interferon injections are efficient in reducing scars.

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