Breast Implants after Breast Feeding – Consultations Can Elicit the Right Time

Breast Implants after Breast Feeding

Ladies who have recently given birth and breast fed often think about improving their looks by getting breast implants inserted. They are interested in when they can safely consider having breast implants after breast feeding, as the timing is not pinpointed exactly. The advice given to ladies who have recently stopped breast feeding is to wait for at least a period of three months. It can help to have the reasons for that period explained and outline the potential risks that can arise if it is not observed.

The period of rest between cessation of breast feeding and the insertion of breast implants is necessary to enable the breasts’ glandular tissue to settle down following lactation, and to allow the glands to attain their post partum size. Also, a period of at least three months is needed for the reduction of vascularity of the breast tissue, and for the reduction of the hazard of bleeding during the surgery procedure. There is still another potential hazard of complication, if ladies undergo surgery for breast implants insertion while they are lactating: there can be a certain amount of milk accumulated in breast pockets, and it can easily become infected, which would inevitably necessitate the removal of the implants inserted. That is why expert surgeons recommend that ladies should stop lactating before proceeding to apply for surgery for breast implants insertion. In this manner, hazards of complications accompanying or stemming from the surgery can be reduced.

Typically the period of rest recommended is six to nine months, to allow for a good amount of time prior to having breast implants after breast feeding. Furthermore, cosmetic surgeons advise ladies to consider this type of breast augmentation after they have given birth to all the children they plan to have. Also, most expert surgeons advise women that they should preferably have ceased to lactate. The reason has been outlined above: the breast milk ducts do not tend to be totally sterile, and inserting the implants can lead to higher rates of capsular contracture, and also implant induced infection.

Some plastic surgeons are of the opinion that a little amount of milk is not an obstacle to having breast implants after breast feeding, provided that a period of at least three months has elapsed. Plastic surgeons who provide consultations for ladies who would like to have breast implants also recommend an inframmary approach to the surgery in the event of a small amount of milk coming down. Carrying out inframmary incisions means making them at the breast base or at the folds, and these locations also provide easy hiding and a better esthetic effect. Plastic surgeons do not recommend periareolar incisions, or incisions around the areola, when women still have a little amount of milk coming down.

In all cases, ladies considering this type of enhancement of their breasts should choose their surgeon and discuss their goals with him, in order to obtain the best recommendations and advice and be certain to attain the best results.

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