Breast Feeding with Implants Is Really Efficient

Breast Feeding with Implants

Ladies who are keen on their attractive appearance and have used the advantage of implants to enhance their femininity often consider having babies and are concerned about breast feeding with implants. Fortunately surgeons reassure all ladies with implants who may need to breastfeed in the near future, and they point out that such manner of breast augmentation does not comprise any severing of milk ducts, or elimination of breast tissue which is functional. With the proficiency of modern surgeons who have in mind the fact that ladies receiving their new implants may need to do breast feeding with implants, the blood supply within the breasts and the nerve pathways are left intact, so breast lactation functions can be efficiently performed, with no obstacles posed by implants.

Ladies who undertake to have breast implants and at the same time contemplate pregnancy and breast feeding afterwards should carefully study information on surgeons offering implanting services, as renowned and proficient breast augmentation surgeons are aware of the primary factors which affect the lactation of female breasts and the amount of milk produced.

The first paramount factor is the location of the incision. Incisions should be made under the breast or under the armpit, because incisions performed round the areola carry the risk of injuring nerves and ducts within breasts. Although nerves and ducts have the ability to reconnect, the risk still remains of disconnecting important pathways, which can adversely affect subsequent breast feeding with implants. The second factor is the pressure exerted by implants, and because of heavy pressure there can occur inability of lobes to empty, so milk production may become diminished.

Ladies should also consider information on the two types of breast implants, silicon and saline ones. Saline implants are predominant nowadays, as there are concerns expressed with respect to the risk of silicon leaking into milk produced by breasts, so that is a grave risk of breast feeding with implants. Although it has been pointed out that silicon is inert and there is no great likelihood of it being absorbed by babies’ digestive tract, there is still a certain amount of risk involved.

Ladies who have had implants and have been informed that part of their milk ducts or nerves within the breasts have been damaged to a certain extent, so that the amount of milk they can produce after they give birth and do breast feeding with implants is reduced to a great extent should not worry. They can do partial nursing of their babies and also offer supplements to provide babies with enough food. Mothers’ milk together with formula milk provides babies with enough food to ensure their healthy growth.

Modern ladies who decide to make a more effective feminine difference to their outlook with the aid of breast implants can confidently contemplate giving birth and breast feeding following breast augmentation by means of implants. The choice of proficient surgeon is the most important factor, and insertion of implants does not generally affect ladies’ ability to breast feed.

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