Breast Feeding after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast feeding after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Feeding after Breast Augmentation SurgeryWill I be able to breast feed after a breast augmentation? Most likely, yes. Breast feeding after breast augmentation surgery is possible. But, this is an important question that doesn’t have a lot of scientific data behind it.

  • What is known about breast feeding and breast augmentation surgery? We know that women with breast implants often have no problem breast feeding, but sometimes they cannot. There are also many women without breast implants who cannot breast feed. There is no good study which clarifies the potential impact of breast implants on the ability to breast feed. Based on what we know from a scientific and physiologic standpoint, there should be no reason why breast implants would affect the ability or safety to breast feed.
  • Does incision placement affect success of future breast feeding? Possibly. If your surgery included incisions near your areola, you could have some interference of the breast ducts. The size of your implant or injury associated with your surgery can affect the nerves which are needed to stimulate milk production. Sometimes the stimulation created by stretching of breast tissue from breast implant surgery, will at least temporarily stimulate breast milk!
  • Do breast implants make breast milk unsafe? No. Silicone is, after oxygen, one of the most common elements on earth. Studies show no significant transmission of silicone from your implants into the breast milk. Even if this phenomenon were documented, silicone is a very safe substance, interestingly used in medications to soothe newborn babies’ stomachs!

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