Breast Augmentation – Before and After

Breast Augmentation

The process of having a breast augmentation procedure done may seem straightforward and simple but there are a number of points that have to be decided upon before you embark on this type of surgery. Additionally, there are things that you’ll have to be aware of regarding what happens post surgery. Here are some of the things that will happen before and after this procedure takes place.

The first step in the process will be to meet with the surgeon for your initial consultation. During this first meeting, you and the doctor will have to discuss a number of factors based on your desired results and your body type. Obviously the size of the breast augmentation will be the first subject that will need to be discussed. The common misconception with implants is that the patient can arrive at the office and request a cup size. This is not the case as the implants are measured in cubic centimetres. Your medical professional will be able to determine the correct implant size required to help you achieve the desired results.

Another item to be considered before you have the surgery completed is the implant profile. This will be dependant on the goals of the patient and their body type. Available profiles include low, medium and high. Your surgeon will be able to recommend the correct profile and explain the advantages of each.

Finally you will need to select the type of implant to be used during the breast augmentation surgery. Saline and silicon are the two most popular options. Silicon implants were banned for some time but have once again been FDA approved as manufacturers and surgeons have advanced the product to the point where the previous health concerns are eliminated. The advantages of silicon implants are that they feel more natural and can provide a “fuller” look for the patient. The main advantages of saline implants are the fact that the incisions are smaller and there are more options available when it comes to the implant procedure.

Once you have completed your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll be instructed by your doctor to allow your body to recover from the procedure. This not only applies to the incision points but the implants themselves. The implants will need some time to descend to their natural position and your doctor or surgeon will book a series of follow-up appointments to ensure this is taking place correctly.

You will also be using a recovery bra that allows the area to heal properly and stabilize the silicon or saline implants. The doctor will recommend up to four different bras to be used throughout the recovery process to ensure the surgery is deemed a success and you’re happy with your breast augmentation surgery.

Finally, the doctor that performs your breast augmentation procedure should caution you about doing certain kind of physical activities or using any other type of support besides the recovery bra. Many women are eager to begin wearing new garments but if you do this prematurely, you can hinder the healing process. Be patient and follow the medical teams instructions before heading out and making some new additions to your wardrobe.

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