Asymmetric breast surgery

Asymmetric breast surgery

Need Asymmetric breast surgery?

Symmetry is one of the most important principles of beauty. The fact of the matter is, no one is perfectly symmetric. Some people are more symmetric than others. A breast surgeon colleague of mine once told me he informs all his patients that breasts are “sisters, not twins.” One of the most difficult parts of surgery is addressing asymmetry. Asymmetry exists throughout our bodies, sometimes most noticeably in the chest area. For some patients, asymmetry is the principle reason they chose to have an operation. For other patients, asymmetry is not something they were even aware of.

  • My breasts are asymmetric. Will breast implants make this better? Breast implants can give breasts a nicer shape, and depending on how much asymmetry and why, breast implants can help make you more symmetric. Breast implants can never make you perfectly symmetric, however. Sometimes breast implants even make some types of asymmetry more noticeable than before surgery.
  • How can I tell if my breasts are asymmetric? In cases of subtle asymmetry, many women are used to their asymmetry and either do not notice it or are not “bothered” by it. In these cases, the main complaint before surgery is usually loss of fullness or desire for better shaped breasts. Even if you don’t think you have it, asymmetry is worth looking for before surgery. In cases where the asymmetry was not recognized beforehand, there can be disappointment with what otherwise should be considered to be a very good surgical result.
  • Why can’t the surgeon just put a bigger implant in the side that is smaller? This is a complicated issue. Sometimes asymmetry is due to differences in the rib cage. Other times asymmetry is due to differences in the amount of fat and breast tissue over the ribs. Many patients can have both issues at the same time. A less projecting rib cage needs a more projecting breast implant. If implants of different projection with the same base diameter are used, better symmetry can be achieved. If implants of different base diameter are used, the appearance of the implants from the frontal view is at risk of creating a new type of asymmetry for the patient. Sometimes it is necessary to perform a small breast reduction on the side with more breast tissue to get the best result.
  • Asymmetric breast surgery before and afterAsymmetric breast surgery imageThis patient had a small lift on the right, a scar revision on the left and bilateral identical breast implants. Her breast implants have helped to give her some improved shape, but her lift on the right side has helped create symmetry. The improved symmetry is arguably the most important reason why the appearance of her breast has improved so significantly.


  •  Asymmetric breast surgery afterAsymmetric breast surgery beforeThis patient had very obvious breast asymmetry prior to surgery. She simply had identical breast implants placed for a very nice improvement in symmetry. My original plan was to also perform a small lift on the left hand side. This might improve her symmetry slightly, but neither she nor I think that it is necessary as her overall result is quite good without the lift.


  • breast augmentation afterBreast Augmentation Revision beforeThis patient has significant rib cage (chest wall) asymmetry. Breast implants allowed her to have a more balanced normal appearance. Prior to breast implantation, she felt self-conscious in all types of clothing, especially swimwear.

Questions about Asymmetric Breast Surgery?

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