Are Breast Implants Safe?

Answering the Question: Are Breast Implants Safe?

Are Breast Implants SafeSafety should always come first when you make a decision to have surgery. It is completely reasonable for any person considering breast augmentation surgery to ask the question, are breast implants safe?

  • The short answer appears to be that breast implants are safe. Breast implants have actually been studied now as much or more as some of the other FDA approved drugs and devices. After serious allegations that breast implants, particularly silicone implants, caused systemic illnesses, a major research effort was put forth by the breast implant manufacturing companies and silicone implants were made unavailable to women in the United States for a period of time. We were the only country in the world to place this temporary ban. Long term data has not found any health risks associated with breast implants. This is why the FDA recently allowed silicone implants to come back on the market. Proving almost anything beyond a shadow of a doubt is extremely difficult. The newer cohesive gel implants do not at this time, have the same long term follow up as the older generation implants which were at higher risk of leaking after shell rupture. An interesting study was performed in which pigs with ruptured breast implants (poor pigs) were found to have less silicone in their circulation than pigs who were using deodorant. So to answer the question, “Are breast implants safe?” The answer is YES


Can I review the safety information for myself? Yes. A fascinating history of medical technological evolution and malpractice litigation surrounding the story of breast implants is summarized nicely in an Frontline report ( Furthermore, the most up to date comprehensive safety information on breast augmentation can be found on the FDA website ( Please remember that the safety of your surgery also depends on the training and experience of the team of professions who take care of you. This should start with the team leader, your surgeon, who should have appropriate board certification and continuing education credentials. Please do your homework about training and credentials. (

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